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Fall Menu items & Pricing

Danielle Jernigan Culinary Services offers customized personal chef services; creating menus to meet each clients unique pallet and dietary needs.

Below find our sample seasonal Fall menu. Each menu item is adjustable to meet your dietary needs.

Please call or email to schedule a cook date or to inquire about our other personal chef services

Meals for the week Pricing
# of Entrees x # of Servings = Price

2 x 2 = $200
2 x 4 = $225
3 x 2 = $255
3 x 4 = $270
4 x 2 = $325
4 x 4 = $350
Includes your choice of two sides with each Entree choice
Please call for additional pricing options
*pricing does not include the cost of food


Stewed red snapper:  Snapper smothered in a chunky spiced tomato sweet pepper and sweet onion

 Curry Coconut Chicken/fish: roasted coconut milk ginger cilantro & lime marinated

Tender Baby Turkey wings in savory sweet onion sage sauce 

Roasted Branzino w/ lemon & Grilled Leeks
Seared Duck Breast w/Fig & Blood Orange 

Lamb meatballs in spicy tomato chutney

Apricot cranberry center cut pork chops


Roasted Brussels Sprouts (V)

 Cayenne spiced sweet potatoes (V)

Wilted Spinach w. Roasted Garlic (V)

Pumpkin coconut red beans & rice (V)

Danielle's Brown butter Mac & 3-Cheese

Sautéed Beet Greens w. crispy shallots (V)

Brown butter sautéed broccolini w/ toasted almonds (V option available)

Black Bean Succotash: Black beans, Roasted Pepper, roasted corn, carrot, tomato & sweet onion (V)


Red Lentil w/Smoked Turkey (V available)

Roasted Apple & Butternut Squash (V)

Pumpkin dCoconut (V) 

Potato and Leek (V)


Fennel, Celery Root & Carrot

Roasted Beet Cucumber Avocado


Pear & Cherry Tart

Sweet Potato Cake

Spiced Carrot Cake

Devil’s food Cake w/ chocolate buttercream

Meyer Lemon Flan Tart w/ Orange Cream Cheese Frosting

(V) Vegetarian


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